Name & Logo

  • Name

    • haven |ˈhāvən|


            a place of safety or refuge

  • enterprise |ˈentərˌprīz|


1.  a project or undertaking, typically one that is difficult or requires effort  

 • initiative and resourcefulness

 2. a business or company

            • entrepreneurial economic activity.

  • Logo
    • It all begins with the home. The home is the foundation of civilization; the very thing upon which society is based. If you want it to last, it must have a firm foundation. For this reason, one of our founding principles is that of promoting the family unit. So whether it is an immaterial resource or a tangible product or service, let Haven Enterprises serve your family.
    • Within every home there are differing strengths, characteristics, and skill-sets. It was out of these contrasting personalities and values that Haven Enterprises was born. 
      • Haven: This word and font style represent simplicity, structure, and stability. The theme here is: Build it strong.
      • Enterprises: This is a reflection of beauty, vitality, and creativity. The theme here is: Build it beautiful.
    • Let this diversity of ideals converge to transform your home in to a simple, yet beautiful place of productivity and rest.